Surya Madhavan

Welcome to my corner of internet.
I like to ideate and develop solutions using tech.
Apart from this, I like to write, engage in movies, music.

Work Experience: 2.4 years

Associate Consultant

08/2022 - 05/2024

Took on a pivotal role in addressing complex defects and performing code adaptation tasks within an Event-driven Microservices project for a prominent automotive company. Designed and implemented critical functionalities utilizing Quarkus, Kafka Streams , enabling real-time data manipulation at scale & improving service performance by 25%.

Freelance - Frontend Developer

SARE Team Pvt Ltd
06/2022 - 07/2022

Elevated the user experience of a social media platform by converting Adobe XD layouts and revamping the template-based homepage with visually appealing design elements. Leveraged technologies like React JS and SCSS to deliver a highly interactive and responsive frontend.

10/2020 - 05/2021

Internship done for a startup based in Delhi, where I built the frontend codebase from scratch based on ReactJS, Chakra UI, React-hook-form, Atlassian DND, Easy-peasy (Redux)


Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker

A MERN stack app to track habits, todos and workouts.



This is a simple project to convert long tables into beautiful PPTx slides!

Quiklyy Frontend

A Project done as a part of my Internship at Quiklyy, Delhi. Built the Frontend from scratch, using ReactJS, Chakra UI, Atlassian DND, React-hook-form & more.


devops toolsGit, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Prometheus, Grafana
languagesJava, Javascript, Python, C++
frameworksSpring Boot, Quarkus, Node.js (Express)
databasesMongoDB, PostgreSQL
frontendReactJS, Angular, Next.js, Tailwind, Bootstrap, HTML, Pug (Jade), Figma, CSS, SASS, Chakra UI, Tachyons, Figma
messaging systemsApache Kafka
learning nowData Structures and Algorithms


Thomas, Senior Business Analyst

CapgeminiWorked together

Surya has grown up to a real penguin (was part of team Penguins) in a very short time 😉. He is curious, asks a lot of questions and wants to understand the business context of the things he is working on.

Rahul, Senior Developer

CapgeminiWorked together

Since joining our team as a junior developer, Surya has demonstrated himself as a valuable asset.

His eagerness to learn is commendable. For instance, he proactively took on minor tasks across various <redacted> services to enhance his comprehension. He worked on <redacted-service> Integration test which in itself a complex topic, but he is handling very well.

Benjamin, Overall Tech Lead

CapgeminiWorked together

He made a good impression on me when I worked with him recently was transparent regarding his progress and communicated well via review comments and teams.

The adjustments that he did happened within a reasonable time and were mostly correct.

Vinay, Tech Lead


In a short span of time, Surya upskilled himself technically and started picking up development tasks related to the <redacted> area.

His contribution was critical is ensuring the development of the related services was done on time. The changes that were picked up by him were done within a reasonable time, and were mostly correct.

Fabian, Lead Business Analyst

CapgeminiWorked together

At Capgemini, he worked in a large automotive project for a prominent German car manufacturer with the objective of modernizing the IT landscape of production requirements planning.

Surya joined the project shortly before the big GoLive of the first productive plant and was part of the team that successfully managed the GoLive and the subsequent HyperCare Phase.

Volunteer Experience: 2.1 years

President, Frontend Developer

Codechef College Chapter
07/2019 - 07/2021

Worked as a Frontend Developer for college club and later become the lead, handled 30+ people within team and organised events to promote Competitive Programming


Developer Student Clubs
08/2020 - 06/2021

Planned & Organised events with student interactions & sessions for knowledge


B.E. (Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering)

SIES Graduate School of Technology

08/2018 - 07/2022

12th CBSE

Jaipuriar School

07/2017 - 06/2018